Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Weeks.....

Hello all!
Today is Monday...most of you are thinking "Ummm...I know that!" But it's important to me because I realized this weekend that I have 2 weeks left before I will be back in my classroom AGAIN. So, I am making sure every day counts for the next two weeks!
Today, I took my son to the biggie. Then went out shopping & had a nice lunch with my kids! Then we came home and did lots of art projects including making puppets for a puppet show! FUN! While they had a few minutes of quiet time, I devoted a tiny bit of time to school...I got 3 field trips scheduled and left messages for 5 more! That was VERY productive! WOW-WEE! Then I worked on a literacy center - almost done!
In my mind, I have been trying to reorganize my classroom - I want more student-focused centers. In our reading program, we have a VERY scripted teacher's manual. Very hum-drum to me. We have a tiny bit of I am trying to decide how to include more age appropriate & more developmentally appropriate activities into their day. I am also making a list of ideas on the side so I will have them to pull from as I plan...
My other thought in my life will not take over like it does every year. Usually I feel like I am drowning in "school" until January. Kicking off a Kindergarten year is very difficult as I am trying to get kids into routines & get them where they can work independently. hard sometimes. So, I am trying to keep things streamlined & prepped ahead, so I know what to pull for each week's centers/stations. We shall see...=)
Again, summer is dwindling down to the last few makes me so sad. I really think I miss the daily routine of going to school, but I don't miss the overwhelming time sucker it becomes! I must find that infamous balance! =)

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