Sunday, July 29, 2012

Well, as I follow along on this blogging journey, I am learning all about "linky" parties. If it wasn't for Desiree at Kinders on the Block...I don't know what I would to do! Not only does she explain things as simply as possible, but she's also my teaching colleague! I LOVE teaching with her! She brings fantastic, new ideas to me, understands my disorganization (and tries to help me instead of condemning me!), and she is a wonderful friend! Sorry for that tangent... but she has helped explain and show me how a lot of this stuff works! Love you Desiree!
Now, I am linking up to Mrs. Lemon's Linky Party on her blog...
Since I am still a newbie in my eyes, it's nice to learn about all these great people who post great ideas and inspiration. As I have read a few of the "Tell Me More" posts, some people have done it with an ABC will I!
A - Autumn is my favorite season...we have gorgeous trees that the leaves turn into beautiful blends of red, orange,  and yellow! My birthday is also in there, that helps a little too!
B - Blogs have truly inspired me! I have LOVED them! I do so much better with reading them and finding great ideas and inspiration than actually writing on my blog. Again, with Desiree's inspiration, I think I will get better!
C - I enjoy making cakes for my family and friends! I took cake decorating classes at the local Michaels one summer...LOVED IT! My goal was to be able to make half-decent looking birthday cakes for my kids! I LOVE IT during the summer time. Trying to make cakes during the school year is tough...My favorite cake was probably the basketweave I made during the classes...tons of flowers on top. That was a tough one, but proved I could do more complicated things! My favorite easy ones...character cakes like Elmo, Abby, Spiderman. My daughter is requesting Dora right now for her Sept birthday...we'll see if she changes her mind or not!
D - I have only been to Disneyworld one college with a great bunch of friends! What amazing memories! One day, I will be back with my children! I can't WAIT! =)
E - Entertainment...I loved (and still do) watching Desperate Housewives and Once Upon a Time!
F - I learned how to fly fish when I worked at The Orvis Company. In fact, they set myself with 2 other employees to their fly fishing school in Manchester was AWESOME! So relaxing! I know people are surprised when they find out this little detail! I find it funny!
G -I think groundhogs are the cutest things ever! I love Groundhog's Day - it's a big event in my classroom! One time when I was little, we were visiting a distant relative (and not the friendliest) - we were sitting on his porch when he spotted a groundhog in his garden. He jumped up to grab his gun to shoot him...I jumped up and grabbed his suspenders and BEGGED him not to! I think I surprised EVERYONE so much & made such a commotion that the groundhog got away - YEAHHH! It was a favorite story for my mom to tell people! =) I love groundhogs...=)
H - I hate being hot! I am the first person to let the office know that the a/c is not "right"! One time I came in one morning to a VERY hot I walked in the door the AP said "We already know and someone is on the way..." I think my coworkers understand me!
I - I played an instrument in middle school - flute! I wish I had continued! I am determined that my kids will play piano and then they can pick another instrument later. I want to take those piano lessons too!
J - I can't stand wearing jewelry to bed...even my wedding rings. No rings, no necklaces, not bracelets, no big earrings...only diamond studs. I guess it feels constricting?
K - I have two kids...1 son who is 7 1/2 going into 2nd grade and 1 daughter who is almost 4. I can't believe she could go to Kindergarten next!
L - I love LOVE lemur monkeys! I think they are so so cute - their babies look like little Beanie Babies clinging onto their mamas! So precious!
M - Favorite movie? The 1st Harry Potter! It was just amazing! Everything about it was amazing!
N - I am a night-owl! My husband reminds me every summer that HE still has to get up and go to work in the morning....oops, sorry. I get the best ideas, inspiration and kick of energy at night - I always have!
O - Organization is the death of me! I am trying to improve and KEEP IT  UP! I love organizing in theory, but to keep it up and going...doesn't work so well.
P - My journey to my current profession was a twisted one! I always wanted to be a teacher since I was 5, but something happened somewhere between high school & college! I turned down the wrong path and realized I wasn't reading the map correctly! Thank goodness for a wonderful friend who invited me to visit her while she was doing her student teaching....I found my compass again! It took my a little longer to finish my Bachelor's degree, but in the end I finished with TWO! One in Elementary Education and one in Psychology! If I wasn't a teacher, I would be a speech pathologist! I am in the process of pursuing this degree a little at a time, so if I am ever ready to change my path again, I will be ready. Maybe, one day?
Q - Can I have quiet time? My daughter does not believe in taking naps anymore. I can barely get 30 minutes of "quiet time" in the afternoon....Momma really needs a quick nap!
R - I love to read, but with teaching as my profession, I end up reading more professional material than "just for the fun of it" kind of books! I did get a nook 2 years ago for Christmas - this has helped a little. I think I had to download The Help 3 times before I ever got thru the whole thing - I know, how sad!
S - I have 3 sisters, though 1 has passed away. My oldest sister is 18 years older than me...whew!
T - Time management has always been my struggle! I think I have gotten better along the way, but every time I "think" I know how long something will take...I am SO wrong.
U - I went to school at Radford UNIVERSITY...smaller college campus in southwestern Virginia, in the mountains!
V - My wedding to my dearest husband was on Valentine's Day! cheesy! My in-laws were married on July 4th. We wanted to stick to a holiday theme...we had the choice of Valentine's Day, 4th of July (didn't want to copy the inlaws), and Halloween! Looking back, I think Halloween would have been a BLAST! I should have listened to my sister! Ha!
W - I love watermelon & wintertime! Don't all teachers love winter and snow?!
X - I love talking in front of children...I hate talking in front of adults - it's eXcruciating! (I didn't know how else to get the X answered!"
Y - Yoga...I want to learn how! =) I have heard it is a good way to relieve stress and to stretch out those muscles. After Kindergarten ALL day, I need something to relieve and stretch out every party of my body! Since I can't afford a massage every day, this could be the next best thing - right?!
Z -  I love going to the zoo...we have a zoo about 10 minutes from our house. It's an easy drive and a zoo that's small enough to be done in one day. LOVE IT!

WHEW! That was a lot harder than I thought! I hope more people do this linky party...let's get to know one another!

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